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 Project Management

Expert supervision, collaboration with the client and team leadership to accomplish a singular goal.

Project management may be the most important yet least understood aspect of building. 

By definition a project is not a routine task but rather a unique set of operations intended to accomplish a goal. Whether we're building a residential staircase or a complete home remodel - these are projects - and require careful management to deliver the desired results.

Consider that a typical project team will be made up of people that don't regularly work together - from multiple organizations across different disciplines. The effectiveness of a project manager will determine whether or not a project is successfully completed on time and on budget.


The project manager is the driving force of the project and must see the big picture while seamlessly adapting to changes that arise.

"We've not found a substitute for experience, knowledge, skill and technique." 

We'd be happy to discuss how this service might benefit your project. Please call with questions or to arrange a consultation. 


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